My One Word {2017}

Happy New Year friends! With each January comes grace I find, space to rest and to start anew, to let go of the mistakes and to hope again for the future. The last few years I’ve embraced the idea of choosing one word to frame the coming year instead of countless resolutions that I’d no doubt give up on two weeks in (you can find last year’s here).

As I’ve been thinking lately on life and all I have hoped for the next year for myself, for my little family and for this blog, I’ve settled on a few words that I adore and which I plan to make priorities in the coming months:

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Between Christmas and New Year’s

Friends, it’s been awhile.  Hoping you had a peace- and joy-filled Christmas. Ours was so so restful and my heart is so full.

As the year ends I’m looking forward to a fresh start with an expectation of new adventures and good things to come. I used to write out New Years resolutions but, let’s face it, I failed at most of them only weeks (if that long) into January. And who knows that once you’ve failed it’s hard to find the motivation to dust yourself off and try it again?

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