Ladies, This One is for You


We all mother. Whether or not we have children of our own, I believe this is something that is ingrained deeply within us. Yes, mothering looks like changing diapers and waking at all hours of the night to feed a crying babe, and that is difficult and wonderful and should be celebrated, but it’s so much more than that. I see beautiful aspects of motherhood in every woman.

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To Remember {18 Months}


Bubs you amaze me. I love watching you learn things, new ones everyday lately it seems. Today you figured out there were tractors on your pajama pants and spent the ride home pointing at them and making car noises. Last weekend you learned how to give awkward toddler hugs to your new friend and I got all the warm fuzzies inside.

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The Way We Did // On Going Back to Work

YOU NEED TO KNOW: I absolutely believe there is no one way to parent. Every family is different and every child, and that’s a beautiful thing. I encourage you to parent the way you feel is right and the way you feel will work for your family at the time in which you’re at. Parenting is hard work, friends; let’s choose only to encourage each other and walk alongside each other, babies in one arm and laundry baskets in the other…


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In a Year


My baby turned one this week. There are extended family gatherings to come, but in the meantime we celebrated just the three of us with a carrot cake cupcake topped with cream cheese icing and a diy busy board that is almost finished (I totally felt pressure to have it done for his actual birthday but, let’s face it, this year James didn’t even notice). And now that it’s past I’m thinking on the year and how our lives have changed. Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way:

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Hello Fall


My heart is full in the fall. I find joy in the gatherings that happen so often as it begins to cool outside and the days get shorter, ushering people indoors and into closer proximity to one another. I love talking about life one on one over hot cups of tea wrapped up in blankets on the porch swing and listening to the rain as much as I do having the house full of people where laughter and helping hands abound.

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On going back


I thought I’d be ready to go back to work after almost a year off. I love my job; it’s rewarding, it’s challenging, and I have fantastic coworkers, but I do not want to leave my babe. He’s a peaceful kid and is, for the most part, content with coming along with us wherever we go so we’ve just brought him everywhere. The result is, save leaving him for a few hours at a time at most, him and I have spent the entirety of the last ten and a half months together.

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