His Safe Place

Bubs has been fighting off a little bug today the last few days and, combined with disrupted naps (or no naps) and the occasional early morning or late evening, he’s been a bit of a mumma’s boy. As I lay beside him waiting for him to fall asleep, his antsy pants movements interrupted by soft “mummy”s, my I love you’s echoed by his “I wuv you”s . .. I was reminded for these fleeting days I am his safe place. Tiring though it is some days I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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A Year of Blogging

DSC00740It’s been a year since I published my first post on the Table and the Road. To be honest I haven’t been as consistent as I planned HOWEVER I am still here writing and THAT friends is worth celebrating. As I’ve mentioned before – I (along with many I am sure) don’t always keep on keeping on once I’ve started something. This I have and for that I am so pleased.

That said, with a new year of blogging comes, as with any new year, new resolve to write more, to learn more, to do this well.

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