Making the Unfinished House Home

Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. – William Morris

I have dreams for decorating our little space. I love the feel, the brightness and simplicity of everything white and of natural materials like wood, plants, linens, stone…

We currently share a place with my brother-in-law. He has decorated the upstairs and it looks really lovely. Ours to decorate is our large bedroom and bathroom. We moved in almost 7 years ago and, how many know, life is full and, especially when it’s a room that most people never see, it tends to sit pretty low on the list of priorities.

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Basics of Keeping House for 30 Year Olds Who Still Don’t Have Their Stuff Together: Part Two {Dishes}

DSC06012Well I can honestly tell you that the dishes no longer pile up on our counter anywhere near as often as they used to. I didn’t come up with a fancy system or trial twenty different kinds of dish soap like I was planning to (or even two kinds for that matter) BUT I learned a few things and, more importantly, I found motivation to get the dishes done.

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How to Keep Your Home Ready for Company: Fall Edition

DSC05850Loving this fall weather! Are you? And that lunar eclipse on Sunday evening was amazing!

As I mentioned last week one of my very favorite things about fall is that people naturally tend to gather more often, as the days are shorter and holidays abound (and in our family almost everyone’s birthdays happen within these next few months). I know there is a lot of pressure to host the perfect party (thanks, Pinterest) but, let’s be honest, most of the pressure is put on us by ourselves. I’d wager that most of our guests just want to cozy up inside and feel at home, to feel seen, feel heard, feel connected.

And so, here is my list of things that I like to have on hand for when friends or family stop by:

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Basics of Keeping House for 30 Year Olds Who Still Don’t Have Their Stuff Together: the What and the Why

Guys, I need some help. I turned 30 this year and still live my life in the midst of piles of dishes, laundry, and paper clutter. And so I’ve decided to start a new series of monthly posts to ask you for advice and to ask you to hold me accountable to getting on top of this (hopefully once and for all). I’ll be researching, trialing, and writing on different problems areas around the house.

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