This boy of mine

— 2.5 years plus

James at this age loves to play (I know, what kid doesn’t? Or grownup for that matter). As soon as we’re up in the morning and I settle on the couch to ease into the day he looks at me and says “mum, playtime!”

He still loves cars. Blocks and boxes and blanket forts become garages in which he lines his cars up neatly. He makes the best car noises. And fire truck noises. And he LOVES running outside every Tuesday morning to watch the “garbage truck man!” “Up bins!” He loves to “see daddy doing!” in the garage or alley when daddy’s working on car or motorcycle projects. I’m loving that it’s starting to get a little nicer out because it means more time spent in the backyard/alley riding bikes and gardening (“plant peas mum!”)

He loves to laugh and his recent favorite which thrills his daddy to no end (because it’s daddy’s favorite too) is startling people when they get home by running towards them with arms up yelling “Rawr!”

He loves riding his bike, going down the “wee!”” (slide) at the park, and going to “danma and dampa’s house” (grandma and grandpa’s house). He often pretends he’s working at McDonald’s like his uncle although he’s usually making you candy behind the counter instead of burgers. He loves ice cream (and yes family I know every time he’s had it while you were watching him!) and breakfast.

For all the independent play, the chasing the dog, the playing a little too rough sometimes with friends (we’re working on that one), this boy still loves to cuddle. He tells me he’s his baby and wants me to rock him and sing to him. He crawls into my lap for at least half of all meals which can be sometimes quite in the way, but honestly he’s not going to fit there much longer so I try to soak it in.

He copies everything we say, the funniest recently being when I said “hi handsome” to my husband. He now can be heard saying it to family members, strangers (none has realized it yet…) and cars. I’m trying to get him to say beautiful instead when it comes to me which he replies with “Hi beautiful mummy!” Heart. Melted.

Bubs has started to pray on his own. “God…. (drawn out really long)… tee tooooo (thank youuuuu)… daddy, mummy, jack…” after which come the names of all the members of our family.

He is my protector already. He’s not even three but he looks out well for mum. He makes sure I’m at the side of the road in the alley because “daw (car) coming mum!” and he makes sure dad doesn’t start driving the car until I’m all buckled in “no daddy dive, mummy see el on (seatbelt on)!” Seriously. This boy!

His aunty is pregnant right now and he talks about the “new baby” often. He sometimes tucks his teddy under his blanket at night right on his tummy and tells me it’s his new baby and to be “careful mum” because the new baby is little.

Bedtime continues to be my favorite and probably even more so now. We read a Bible story and bubs tells me his own stories now too, of what he did that day, of things he likes, of things he wants to do. I love hearing about his life away from me when I’ve been working and about what’s important to him. I came across this post by Hands Free Mama (actually it was the original post that’s within that post) and was inspired to continue as long as bubs will talk. I pray he will forever feel he can talk with me, that I will always be his safe place.

James is so much like my husband. I see in him the ability to focus and problem solve, to see things that aren’t yet and to work hard to bring them to be. I see a man with the biggest heart, one who will stand up for what is right, who will love and serve his Jesus, his family, and the world. And I am so blessed to be able to guide him at times and linger back and watch at others, and I pray I love him well.


One thought on “This boy of mine

  1. Absolutely wonderful photos and descriptions of life with little man James!
    Of course Grampa is very biased but so what – handle it! haha
    Btw, James seems to enjoy scaring me b/c I always reward him with a surprised expression. Also, I like how he repeats what is said – very sweet!

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