At Two and a Quarter

A quick snapshot of my son at a little over two. The biggest changes I’ve noticed since his birthday:

  • His vocabulary has quadrupled. Easily. He copies what we say often and points out everything he knows, saying it on repeat until you acknowledge him.
  • He has an imagination! He pretends there is a “neenan” (snowman) or a “doggy” in his yogurt bowl and drives his dinner around like cars.
  • He makes little jokes. We’ll ask for example about a passing vehicle, “Is that a choo choo train?” to which he’ll respond “Ya!” followed by the most contagious giggle and a request to say it “den?” (again).
  • He weaned himself off his middle of the night bottle just as we had decided we’d work on that.
  • He is now that kid who says hello to everyone!

And some things that never change:

  • His love of vehicles: of cars and motorcycles, now expanding to choo choo trains (and choo choo trucks as he calls semi trucks) and airplanes.
  • His heart. This boy kisses toys that fall on the ground, he gets concerned if someone gets hurt or even looks like they may have, he gives the best hugs.

This age is tiring, the constant talking and need for validation of what they’re saying, the whining, the boundary pushing, the many distractions on the way out the door (which I often find so frustrating) but it is so so fun. So interactive, so much learning and playing, and if you let it slow you down a little you notice and soak up things that grown up you most likely would have missed. Maybe best of all, you get hugs because they want to hug you, and at the end of the day when you snuggle up in bed you bury your head in their hair, breathe deeply, and know you wouldn’t change two for the world.

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  1. FYI – Grampa really likes these photos – JS on workshop stool, JS in the branches and JS with Teddy and your Instagram shots.

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