My One Word {2017}

Happy New Year friends! With each January comes grace I find, space to rest and to start anew, to let go of the mistakes and to hope again for the future. The last few years I’ve embraced the idea of choosing one word to frame the coming year instead of countless resolutions that I’d no doubt give up on two weeks in (you can find last year’s here).

As I’ve been thinking lately on life and all I have hoped for the next year for myself, for my little family and for this blog, I’ve settled on a few words that I adore and which I plan to make priorities in the coming months:

community | outdoors | simplicity

Just reading them over causes my soul to breathe deep, to rest, to dream.

The last little while life has gotten busy. Stephen started a new job entirely different from his old one, which is always challenging and takes adjusting. I’ve been picking up more shifts too and as a result have had to start scheduling childcare (more difficult when you work shift work and sometimes on call). All that, along with all the little everyday things like keeping house, paying bills, car and home maintenance, trying to keep up with friends and family… we’re just tired.

Tired me has a harder time fighting off stress and more difficulty prioritizing and focusing (and subsequently spending the time I do have less wisely). Tired me is a little more no-nonsense: a little more task-oriented, less tolerant of jokes and interruptions. And some days tired me just settles for making it through the day. And although I could spout off a few things that I know I really enjoy, and although Stephen supports and encourages me in these things, I’m not too good at actually following through and doing them. Life gets in the way, you know?

So this year the one word I’ve settled on is delight. I choose to delight in the little things, to look for beauty, to breathe and then to loosen up, to laugh more, to joke, to play. To delight in and be a delight to family and friends. To delight in the things that soothe and breathe life to my soul – taking time for self care, for getting outdoors, for learning to play the ukulele I got for Christmas. To delight in and trust more my good good God who delights in me.

I have also decided to start up a simple weekly challenge which I plan to introduce soon, beginning with a focus on self-care because obviously I need a little of that and I’m sure some of you do too. I’d love to have you join in with me because this type of thing is so much easier together when you have accountability and can encourage one another.

AND my friends at Sunshine Ink Co are offering gorgeous hand-lettered prints of your one word for only $10 CAD until January 15th. Go check them out!

But first – what is your one word, your resolution, your hope for 2017? I’d love to hear.

2 thoughts on “My One Word {2017}

  1. Emily,
    When I think of you I often think of a girl who delights in enjoying life and who enjoys blessing others….like… giving someone a small thoughtful gift, dropping in for a short impromptu visit, surprising someone with a bear hug or offering a few kind words.
    It makes me smile to think of you…being caught off guard with a laugh, being amazed again at your husband’s insights, drinking in deeply of the outdoors, sighing as you hold your cup of tea and smiling as Bubs cuddles up for a snuggle.
    So, yes, may “delight” surprise you amidst your responsibilities. My word? ..I think it might be “seeing”!…seeing new opportunities, seeing God’s provision for me, seeing myself as God sees me, seeing others as God sees them….so much to “see”!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting here! I’m excited to see how delight surprises me and also aim to look for it daily. And I love your word! Excited to hear how “seeing” looks in your life as the year goes by. XOXO.

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