His Safe Place

Bubs has been fighting off a little bug today the last few days and, combined with disrupted naps (or no naps) and the occasional early morning or late evening, he’s been a bit of a mumma’s boy. As I lay beside him waiting for him to fall asleep, his antsy pants movements interrupted by soft “mummy”s, my I love you’s echoed by his “I wuv you”s . .. I was reminded for these fleeting days I am his safe place. Tiring though it is some days I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I am never-ending kisses for boo boos of all sizes and warm snuggles when he’s sick or tired. I am unconditional love even when he’s whiny or when he’s done something wrong. I am listener to his dreams although I can’t quite always understand when he rambles on. I am legs to hide behind when he’s at all unsure and arms to surround and reassure when he’s frightened or when he makes mistakes. I am familiar in new places and unfamiliar situations.  I am wiper of tears, cleaner of messes both purposeful or not, salve to a bruised heart. I am builder up of, instiller of confidence in, believer in a boy who has started to step out on his own into the world and who will only continue to grow in independence.

And, until he finds his own love one day, I pray I would daily remain his safe place, his haven, his home.

{photo credits: Brittany Seymour}

Two things I’d love to hear from you:

  1. What is it you are to your children or the little ones in your life?
  2. Any tips from those of you with older children? How do you protect and cultivate this safe place so it continues to be just that and your little ones (and not so little ones) keep coming back?

8 thoughts on “His Safe Place

  1. I think a lot of it is just being available–my big boys and I read together, play games, I hang out where they are playing…they still love their cuddles with me and they’re 8 and 10.

    1. Oh yay! I am hoping James still loves cuddles then too! I love that, although I imagine it takes being intentional amidst all the potential distractions, just being where they are and being available is such a simple thing. I can do that! 😊

    1. I can start you off… you are sharer and inspirer of my love of photography and the outdoors; you are the best grandpa to my baby; you are commitment to and prioritizer of God, of mom, of your children; you are capturer of a million childhood memories; and although I am grown up you and mom will forever be where I know i’ll always be welcomed home. ♡

    1. I passed along your high five 😊 I have a hard time taking photos of a moving toddler sometimes nevermind me getting in the frame too. So nice to have someone who will capture these moments for you!

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