You at Two


T W O! Bubs you still amaze me (I’m certain you always will). Things I want to remember of these quickly passing moments:

+ how you smile at people in the checkout line and then laugh, hysterically, contagiously, until they smile back

+ your “hi”s or “huwwow”s and “bye”s to me, dada, cars… you don’t often say hello when put on the spot, but will readily say goodbye and, once said, you open up into that chatty smiley toddler that brings all the joy

+ your brain! seriously! the things you remember and connections you make. you know that your aunty drives a Hyundai (you are forever pointing them out) and that the fabric store we had been to ONCE had motorcycles to play with


+ how you still adore “daw” (cars) and “oh hoes” (motorcycles) just like daddy (and he is thrilled that you can say “honda” so well)

+ your singing. in the car or as youre playing, often joining in with mine or the music that’s on… oh my heart. we’ve recently learned a song that repeats the name of Jesus and it makes my heart bubble up and spill over to hear you singing his name. and you insist we sing it often.

+ how you love to pray with us at mealtimes and bedtime

+ how affectionate you are. watching you hug your daycare buddies (three other two year old boys. honestly the woman who runs it is amazing!!) and you give full on bear hugs.

+ how you bring me book after book to read to you and how you’ve learnt the stories and have started to mimic the pictures you see (my absolute favorite  is “sometimes I like to curl up in a ball” and your whispered ” baw” and snuggle as the little wombat curls up with his mummy at the end)

+ how you run over to help me with chores. together we empty the dishwasher and put the soap in for the new load, bring Jack (our dog) his food or take him out for a pee, and switch the laundry over



+ how you did such a good job as a ringbearer at your uncle’s wedding and how, at the reception, you walked up to a boy you didn’t know, took his hand, and walked him down the aisle between the long tables

+ how you sleep in a toddler bed (because you’re “two!”) and how you still climb in with us when you wake around one or two.


+ how you snuggle up next to me while we sleep and I mean REALLY snuggle… arms around my neck or back tucked in as close as you can possibly get. makes the half hour (sometimes longer) pre-bedtime wiggles worth it.

+ how you point to yourself and say “Dee” (“James”) and refer to yourself in third person.

+ your exclamations of “woah dada!” and “wowee!”, your ability to string two or three words together to form a makeshift sentence, and how you randomly look at your hand and say “hi han”

+ how you come up and put your face right in mine and start chattering away like i’ll totally understand what you’re telling me

+ your dancing. the way, when you hear music, your elbows start moving like you just can’t help yourself. and the way you sometimes get really into it, like you’re feeling it in your soul



Bubs you are so loved and although two has brought with it the need for increased active listening, energy and patience I will do my best for you, apologize when I fall, stretch for you and aim to lean on God’s strength to be for you the best mummy I can be. ♡

2 thoughts on “You at Two

  1. Wow! I’m overwhelmed by all the memories of the ” Life of James” which you describe so vividly!
    And the marvelous photos – especially love the one of Jack the dog resting with James, and that werv cute ring-bearer shot with his long eyelashes. Also the sequence of James climbing down steps and rocks is neat. The Instagram shot of James with soapy suds on his head is a keeper, too! Of course the last is best! You and James sharing a kiss! From your delighted dad and grandpa! Amen!

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