Our September


September has been FULL. We’ve been adjusting this month to both Stephen and I working full-time (new job for him and more hours for me) and subsequently trying to figure out how to manage childcare on a shiftwork schedule.

The whole needing childcare thing is new to us as we’d up until now been taking turns watching bubs. We’re SO thankful for our daycare that takes him early AND last minute when needed and for family that steps in on evenings and weekends to help us out! James has adjusted really well… no tears and he NAPS there just fine! SO glad.

We weaned bubs off breastmilk, discovered cold brew coffee and bought a new (to us) ’94 Jeep Cherokee (I adore our vintage cars but POWER STEERING friends! When you have to parallel park every day…). It’s a little newer than our other vehicles but it’s perfect for us as Stephen is always working on some car or motorcycle project in his spare time and the Jeep is great for towing. AND it has ac AND 4 doors (SO much nicer to get a carseat and wiggly toddler into than a 2 door). I may love it just a little (photos to come).

We also got new phones – a Samsung S7 for me which I’m thrilled about as it apparently can take some amazing photos for a phone. Now to figure out how to get decent ones of an ever-moving toddler…

We still make weekly daytrips out to the city a priority as it gives us much needed time together as a family and feels like we got away even if only briefly. (Next up: child free date nights!)



I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to! What was your biggest change or favorite thing about this past month?

PS. What I love about fall (and oh my gosh has bubs grown!)


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  1. I love the photos – especially little bubs in his yellow slicker against the tall fence, and Stephen looking very spritely c/w jean jacket and beard of wisdom. And you actually got A/C !!! – A huge technological leap for your family – although does it still work at 22 years old. Hey it’s the same age as Sweet William!

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