7 Tips for Getting Grown-Ups Out in the Rain


It’s not quite officially fall yet but here in Vancouver it’s definitely felt like it. The mornings are crisp, the leaves are turning colors… we’ve had a little rain but September is generally LOVELY. Then October hits and it rains. And rains. And rains. I actually love the rain, mostly from inside. It takes a bit of coaxing from Stephen to get me out in it but once I am, if I’m dressed appropriately (which I struggle with… you’d think after 31 years of Vancouver living I’d know how to dress for rain) I LOVE it. And I so want to get my kid to love being outdoors no matter what the weather.

I was originally going to post on how to get your littles outdoors in the rain but there’s a lot of great ideas out there and I feel as if they don’t need as much coaxing as us parents sometimes yes?

So, instead, here are some tips on how to get us grown-ups out on a rainy day:

  1. Remember: your kids will be a lot easier to get along with if they’re not stuck indoors all day (and you probably will be too!)
  2. Dress appropriately! (I for SURE get grumpy faster if I’m cold and wet). Find rainy day gear that keeps you dry, that you actually like, and that you feel good in.
  3. Invest in a waterproof camera or dry bag for your phone to capture those sweet smiles and splashes.
  4. Pick somewhere new to explore. Kids will love it and it keeps things interesting for you.
  5. While you’re out there – get wet! Jump in puddles and catch the rain on your tongue. Your kids will be delighted and it’s good for you!
  6. If you’re going out for a longer period of time bring along warm drinks in a thermos or simply pick up Starbucks for yourself on the way (because it’s the perfect excuse and gives me for one all the warm fuzzies).
  7. Have towels and cozy clothes and/or blankets waiting by the door or in the car so you can dry off and warm up quick, and have a snack ready for hungry littles (and hungry grown-ups) to eat together snuggled up as you get warm.

Ps. We’re definitely in need of some new rain gear… what do you and your littles wear to stay dry (and where did you find it)?

2 thoughts on “7 Tips for Getting Grown-Ups Out in the Rain

  1. I was just out for a walk in the morning rain yesterday – ended up taking some cool rainy photos such as “water droplets on a spider web” and don’t ask why I felt the need to shoot a video of “a river of water going down a roadside drain” … It was fun to just get soaked for a change – even for an old guy!

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