Progression of a Toddler’s Lunch


1| Offer him chicken, couscous cucumber salad, and apples (just for the record – it was a really tasty meal). Toddler eats the apples but refuses the rest.

2| Offer him cucumber and hummus. He eats the hummus with his fingers then wants the couscous salad.

3| Put the couscous salad in his bowl with the hummus. He pours his water into the bowl then proceeds to pick our the cucumber pieces one by one and eat them.

4| Add extra cucumber pieces as he goes because he’s eating vegetables!! He eats all the cucumbers then pours the rest of the couscous hummus soup onto the table and begins to eat it like a dog.

5| Sigh and be thankful that at least he ate something and extra thankful that it was something healthy.


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