A Year of Blogging

DSC00740It’s been a year since I published my first post on the Table and the Road. To be honest I haven’t been as consistent as I planned HOWEVER I am still here writing and THAT friends is worth celebrating. As I’ve mentioned before – I (along with many I am sure) don’t always keep on keeping on once I’ve started something. This I have and for that I am so pleased.

That said, with a new year of blogging comes, as with any new year, new resolve to write more, to learn more, to do this well.

It’s hard I find in a world of many talented writers, photographers, business persons and the like to believe in yourself, to know deep down that you are unique, that you have a voice and that you can impact another’s life. BUT. Despite what I am sometimes tempted to feel I know it to be true and, should I be writing for myself or only a few, it is worth it. And I have SO enjoyed it!

A few things I’m aiming for in the next year:

  • Write daily, even if only 15 minutes and even if it doesn’t end up being posted.
  • Post weekly.
  • Spend time finding and refining my voice and my vision for the blog.
  • Get a new camera and post instagram photos daily.
  • Do some interview type posts (I really enjoy reading them… anyone else?).
  • Find out how to set up an option to follow via email where I can customize the emails sent out (if anyone has experience or know how in this area with wordpress I’d SO appreciate some help!).

As for you friends – I’m SO glad you’ve found your way here and am BEYOND thankful you’d take the time to look around. Anything YOU would like to see here? Let me know below or by emailing me at emily@thetableandtheroad.com.

On to year two!

5 thoughts on “A Year of Blogging

    1. Thanks friend! Let’s continue to do this together… help each other drown out those negative thoughts and voices and the temptation to just give up sometimes because it’s not exactly what we hoped… yes?

  1. I received your email notification, so that’s good! I remember a quote something like – “A life lived un-examined is a life that will likely bypass the joys (and sorrows) of all those quiet or crazy or frustrating or sometimes profoundly beautiful events and insights that mark our day to day lives.” (oops I think I made up that quote b/c the original one was too depressing) So you just keep doing this blog, and I will happy to read it and maybe comment (of course, I’m your biased Dad but that’s fine too) I’m wondering, too about my upcoming Photography Blog – why do I want to jump into a world full of great photographers, media overstimulation and extremely short attention spans … but what the heck, I am always taking photos and want to share them … one thing for sure – there will be no “like” buttons – only room for comments. Also – I will only post a few photos once/week – so even folks with media-attention deficit may find the time to check them out.

    1. Oh good! I’d still like to find a way to customize the emails so i’ll keep hunting. Also I’m glad you’re sharing your photos. There’s always someone that will be blessed seeing each one.

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