You at 21 Months

{I do apologize for the lengthy post but I want to capture these days fully before they fly by}DSC00634Bubs, you are such the little man.

You wake up every morning in our bed around 8:30, happily exclaiming “mama!” “dada!”, followed quickly by you lowering yourself off the edge of the bed (new this week!) and running to the next room declaring “whoa!” as you see something you think is pretty awesome.

You LOVE breakfast as I do: scrambled eggs with zucchini, toast with peanut butter (anything with peanut butter really), oatmeal, waffles… other favorite foods include hummus (eaten with cucumbers or scooped up by the handful), frozen peas, rice dishes, soup, cheese (you LOVE cheese), yogurt, fishy crackers, ice cream… and you love picking berries right off the bush.

You’re on the go a lot, exploring your world, but also spend sometimes 20 minutes or more quietly lining up your cars or whatever lot of things you’ve gotten your hands on. Any time you position them in a way that you’re proud of you come running over, mouth in an ‘O’ and eyes wide with your arms stretched out as if to say “Look what I did!” Oh my heart.

You have so many facial expressions: a cheesy grin with your chin raised and two front teeth poking out, a squinty-eyed side look, an “ooh” look when get an owie (or just softly bump your elbow). You are quite the entertainer for us, doing funny kung fu poses, stomping in spot or running around the room, playing peekaboo…DSC00659You can be very loud (ESPECIALLY at the grocery store. Every time), but you are still overall a calm peaceful kid.

You understand and know so much, your little brain blows me away! You know your body parts and can find your shoes, hat, jacket. You know where things belong in the house or who they belong to (a necklace is “mama”, an iced capp “dada”). You like seeing what’s going on in the kitchen and helping with chores such as putting the clean tupperware away or putting chopped veggies in a bowl.

You know a few other words now: “doggy” (any animal or lawn ornament), “ah woo” (water), “dee” (please), “tea”, “diddy” (belly button), “ha” with your hand out a few inches away from whatever it is you’re declaring is hot. You’ve made up a little song to which you sing happily “oh no, oh no”, sometimes changing it up with “mama, mama”or “dada, dada”.

You spend most of your time with mum and dad, but every two or three weeks grandma comes and whisks you away for an afternoon with her and grandpa. You love playing with cars there as well as pulling out the bongo drums to drum alongside grandpa.

Bedtime is sweet and FINALLY short and is, as always,my favorite.We brush your teeth (you run to the bathroom every time even though you really dislike me brushing them), you say “night night” to daddy or Jack with waves or kisses, then we head down to our bedroom for a quick feed before laying you down in your crib awake (what?!) in your crib with your teddy and your blanket and you drift off to sleep as I head up the stairs. And then when you wake up around one we snuggle you into bed with us for the rest of the night… <3DSC00696DSC00699DSC00730DSC00772

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