Overnight to Kamloops {and Why You Should be Friends with Your Neighbors}

DSC00929We had meetings in Kamloops this week which meant a quick drive up and the night spent with friends we haven’t hardly seen since they moved there from here two years ago. We joined Kesley (of A Forager’s Home) and her husband Matt for Bible study and pie (oh my gosh her pies!!), then chatted the night away.

Bubs was up early so he and I spent the morning outside enjoying the gorgeous weather and stunning views (they live right on the side of a mountain!) before the rest of them woke. DSC00873DSC00895We headed to the Ploughman’s Lunch and Coffee for a late breakfast of Canadian comfort food (James and I shared the breakfast bake which was yummy and so filling). Trying new food has got to be one of the best parts of traveling no? We got in a quick walk up and down the main street on which the Downtown Merchants Market was happening (seriously how cute are these handmade baby clothes!) then had to say goodbye. Although short, it was SO good catching up with them and meeting their handsome little man!DSC00914DSC00918Matt and Kelsey used to live in our basement suite and, although it didn’t always work out as life can get full and schedules very often conflict, we would get together on occasion. A few things I love about being friends with your neighbors:

  1. They’re a lot more likely to be available for a quick impromptu visit, late night walk or episode of Doctor Who (no packing up or travel time involved).
  2. They always have that one ingredient you don’t know you’re missing until you’re halfway through making dinner (a hundred thank you’s to Kelsey, Katie, and Christine!).
  3. It makes communities safer as you look out for each other’s families, houses, and belongings.
  4. It is so good connecting, no matter how brief: the quick wave, the pause to say hello, to ask how a child is doing, to give a hug on a rough day or celebrate on a good one… We’re wired for that I believe.
  5. If they move away you have a place to stay on your travels (thanks again guys!).

We have found the best ways to connect and start building relationships are to introduce yourself whenever you meet a new neighbor and to simply slow down in your comings and goings, being ok with pausing as you do, even if briefly, to say hello.

What do YOU love about your neighbors? What have you done to connect with them (or they with you)?

2 thoughts on “Overnight to Kamloops {and Why You Should be Friends with Your Neighbors}

  1. I love all your photos! – especially James head-hair shot with steering wheel.
    I also like the way you verbally (wordally?) express your crazy life experiences.

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