These Crazy Slow Days {Better Together}

DSC00507I went this week to visit my sister and her little one. The plan: take the boys swimming. We bundled them both up in the car along with swimsuits and (my sister’s) towels (I completely forgot) and headed over to the local pool, chatting about how we still feel like we’re playing grownup (whose kids are these anyways?).

Reality: bubs did not at all want to be in the water. To be fair we haven’t gone often and it was fairly crowded. Holy sensory overload. He did, however, want to walk around the edge of the pool. Right on the edge. And wouldn’t hold my hand.

Needless to say, 15 minutes later we were showering (which he loved…?), changing back into our every day clothes, and heading home.

{tips for heading to the pool with toddlers: bring snacks to keep them occupied while you’re changing and a warm sweater to cosy up in afterward}

Instead, we tucked our littles into Ergos and went for a walk before meandering back for a dinner of yummy leftovers.


Friends, isn’t it so good to have someone you can just live your day with? Who you don’t feel you have to entertain? Who you can just be your mum bun cozy clothes self with? Who doesn’t care at all that your plans didn’t work out because they just enjoy doing life together?

And amidst distracted half conversations staccato’d with toddler shrieks, you know you are seen; that, although life is ever-changing with littles and hardly ever what you planned, that it’s crazy and slow right now all at the same time, it’s ok and you are not alone.

It’s easy I find to get trapped alone in a parenting bubble. Days are full. It’s a hassle to bundle up little ones even to go get groceries. The temptation at times: only do the necessary; load the littles in and drive out of our garages, running errands while looking no one in the eye, because I have enough to do on my own, thank you, without any more interruptions.

Yet, I honestly believe that this is not how it’s meant to be. With babies at home, life IS crazy. And slow. You can’t get as much done because your baby feeds every three hours and your toddler is climbing up on the table (again!). We may as well, at least every so often, bundle them up and do it together. It’s SO much better together.

4 thoughts on “These Crazy Slow Days {Better Together}

    1. Isn’t it though! I used to get frustrated if I couldn’t get deep into a good conversation when I was out with girlfriends, but honestly in this season I need to remind myself of this. This is beautiful and it is enough.

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