Making the Unfinished House Home

Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. – William Morris

I have dreams for decorating our little space. I love the feel, the brightness and simplicity of everything white and of natural materials like wood, plants, linens, stone…

We currently share a place with my brother-in-law. He has decorated the upstairs and it looks really lovely. Ours to decorate is our large bedroom and bathroom. We moved in almost 7 years ago and, how many know, life is full and, especially when it’s a room that most people never see, it tends to sit pretty low on the list of priorities.

Our place has been incomplete forever. It’s seen a few coats of paint, with the bathroom currently needing another. It’s had doors and baseboards removed as we’ve rearranged space a little to rent out our basement suite. And in the meantime we lived in a drab place with nothing on the walls and nothing beautiful on display. I figured one day we’d get around to finishing it, get all the right furniture and beautiful storage solutions, but that day hasn’t yet come.

I believe home should be a place you can come home to, to rest in and enjoy. So over the last little while I’ve decided that I was tired of waiting until I knew it could be perfect. I started decorating in the midst of the chaos, purging here and there, and slowly curating our home. And, although I still hope one day for a beautifully decorated and organized place, I so enjoy the little touches I’ve added in the meantime. It makes my heart happy to see little things I that I really like around in our home.

{a few of my favorites: thrifted pictures and baskets, a geometric baby blanket by Purl and Company and another beautiful one crocheted by my mom, this rug from Ikea, essential oils from Voyageur Soap and Candle, and my grandma’s old rocking chair draped with a large scarf}

To end, I was thinking of listing a few easy decor ideas, but I know we’ve all seen and heard so many that we should most likely just start tackling the ones we like; I don’t think we need to be cluttered with any more (that said, some girls I know just started creating lovely prints that you should probably consider for any empty spaces you may have!).

What have you done or what is one thing you could do to make your house feel more like home?

4 thoughts on “Making the Unfinished House Home

  1. I so know how you feel! In every place we’ve lived so far I feel like there are only corners and snippets I’ve really liked or been proud of. There is always a catastrophe hiding just out of the frame whenever I take a photo.
    I know what I’d like to do but it seems like I never quite get there.

    1. I really liked the personal touches you put on your home here! Haha and yep often there is a catastrophe out of my camera frame too. Ah well. It’s a work in progress. Trying my best to enjoy it in the meantime and work away at it piece by piece.

    1. It’s SO easy to do… with decorating or anything in life. It does feel good to just start though even though it somewhat feels like chaos. At least things are changing or moving forward.

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