Camping in the Westy: Rolley Lake

DSC09630About a month ago we took our Westfalia camping for the first time, just overnight. We headed out to Rolley Lake to meet up with another couple that we knew through the VW community online. We’d met him only twice and her not at all, but seeing as we both have Westys and toddlers we figured we’d have enough to talk about. We got along so well; they are a great couple and their son is just adorable.

It was the cutest thing watching the boys interact. They played in the van together, shared snacks, dug up sand in the lake and before the end of the trip James gave him an awkward hug (bubs chose to, with no encouragement from us) which… oh my heart.

We cooked on our camp stove as our van stove isn’t up and running yet, but our friends used theirs. It is so novel, the thought of being able to cook in the van; everything is set up and you’re cooking in your van!

Bubs took awhile to get to sleep that night. I ended up walking around the site with him in the Ergo for awhile. Too much to see I suppose. I’ve found while we’re out places the Ergo is the perfect to ensure bubs gets some downtime or falls asleep. We stayed up awhile after the kids were in bed, chatting about life and vans and babies, as you do, and roasting marshmallows.

As our pop top still needs a bit of repair, Stephen, James and I all slept in the bottom bed (we really should have gotten a photo). It was fairly comfortable when we were all still, but parents of toddlers know: they MOVE in their sleep. A lot. I swear James partially woke every hour because he wasn’t able to turn over or flop sideways. Our friends had mum and baby on the bottom bed and dad on the top and they got a much better sleep than us.

And up with the sun was James, so we explored the campsite for awhile so as to not wake the others.

Probably one of my favorite things about van camping is not having to pack up a tent in the morning. Instead, we cooked a leisurely breakfast together, threw our things in the van and rolled away. Oh so nice.

Things for next time: curtains! We did put up a blanket over the back window in hopes of preventing the sun from pouring in too early and it did help, but curtains would’ve worked a whole lot better. I’m torn between making really cute curtains and practical black out ones… maybe both?

Overall, we had a really great time! It was relaxing, the site was beautiful, the company fantastic. Definitely looking forward to more Westy campouts in the future!


2 thoughts on “Camping in the Westy: Rolley Lake

  1. You are such the Happy Campers! Stephen looks very cool and woodsy-hippy with funky shades. Very sweet photo of you and James so cozy! And James checking out the reservation tag and playing with new buddy. Missing photo of your friendly couple? Btw – I was going to comment on your Instagram photos – but I’m hesitant to join the land of hyper-photo-hashtags – ha ha

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