Baby’s First Haircut

Because these things, though little, matter to mums.

Also I should probably remind myself that James is definitely no longer a baby. He is now months into toddlerhood: throwing things after being told no, yelling after being told no, pouty facing because he was told no, and all. (We had a rough morning…) I will say, despite all this he is a pretty terrific kid, peaceful and affectionate most of the time.

I’d been wanting to cut his hair for awhile as it had grown out quite evenly except those long wispy hairs by his ears. They were cute and babyish but eventually it was time for them to go. So, during dinner last week, we took advantage of a calm moment (while he was busy) and gave it a go. It turned out to be fairly satisfactory… not perfect by any means, but unless you look close you’d never notice (and, let’s be honest, who is ever going to look close and, if they do, actually care that it’s a bit choppy?).


Farewell wispy wings. Hello little man.


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