Ladies, This One is for You


We all mother. Whether or not we have children of our own, I believe this is something that is ingrained deeply within us. Yes, mothering looks like changing diapers and waking at all hours of the night to feed a crying babe, and that is difficult and wonderful and should be celebrated, but it’s so much more than that. I see beautiful aspects of motherhood in every woman.

I see it in women who spend their hours or their days looking after other women’s children, entrusted with these precious little lives, so that mum can work to help support (or solely support) her family or so she can have some much needed alone time to recharge or get things done.

It’s in those who look after the sick or disabled, caring for them in a very tangible way, treating them with honor and dignity.

I see it in women that teach and mentor children and adults alike, that that time to listen, to believe in, to challenge… that see in others what they can be and that help them take steps towards their dreams.

Motherhood is seen in women that embrace, that kiss boo boos on the playground, that pull someone in close when their world seems to be crumbling around them. It’s in those that are a safe place where we can be ourselves, and in those that remind us that they will be there to walk through life with us and that we are not alone.

I see it in women who make meals for sick friends and new moms, who step in without being asked to do dishes and clean up after a big gathering, who volunteer to buy groceries for their elderly neighbors.

It’s in women who stand up for those who have no voice, who fight for justice, and who show other women that they are worth loving, worth fighting for.

Ladies, there is a mother heart in each of you and it is oh so beautiful.

Who in your world, biological mum or otherwise, has shown you a gorgeous example of motherhood? I’d love to hear…



4 thoughts on “Ladies, This One is for You

  1. I’ll start, naturally. I can’t comment today without honoring my mom. She raised five children as a stay at home mom and she’d be the first to tell you it was all by the grace of God. She loved us in the sameness of the every day, the diaper changes, the making of lunches… she put our needs before her own and I don’t remember her ever complaining. She showed us what it is to serve, to be kind to others, to respect each other, to love Jesus. She believed in us when we didn’t believe in ourselves. She never forced her way into our lives, waited patiently through our teenage fight for independence (I’m pretty sure mine was the strongest and longest fight), and always was available if we needed to talk. She is the best grandma to my bubs and I am so so thankful for her example of motherhood in my life.  

  2. As well, Stephen and I have a good friend named Linda who, although she has no children of her own, definitely is a beautiful picture of motherhood. She has for us been a constant place of encouragement and wisdom. She speaks truth in love always, she believes in us, and challenges us to be the best we can be. These women! We are so blessed.

  3. Lovely post! I agree, mothering is so much more than having a biological connection. In my life, I have had people like Jacquie and Helen Balzer (you know those ones!) growing up that filled in gaps when my family was going through the turmoil of separation. They really challenged me where I needed it, and were a shoulder to cry on when I needed that too. They are a wellspring of wisdom and advice, and I have learned much from their friendship! There are more too…but those are the two that are closest. 🙂

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