The Fish Counter and an Impromptu Photo Shoot

20160505_120920On our days off, hubby, bubs, and I often pack up the Westfalia and drive out to Vancouver for the day. We spend our time walking countless city blocks or down pathways by the sea, stopping to eat, window shop, or to let James explore whatever beach or park we come across. Last week we headed out to Main Street for lunch at the Fish Counter. It was recommended to us by our good friends Duncan and Amy and has since become one of our go to’s.

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Ladies, This One is for You


We all mother. Whether or not we have children of our own, I believe this is something that is ingrained deeply within us. Yes, mothering looks like changing diapers and waking at all hours of the night to feed a crying babe, and that is difficult and wonderful and should be celebrated, but it’s so much more than that. I see beautiful aspects of motherhood in every woman.

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