On Prioritizing Rest


I tend towards being task-oriented. I love to do lists and feeling like I’m getting things done. And life these days, friends, is full. The thing is, I don’t think it gets any less full as time goes on; more babies are born, kids grow up, new commitments are taken on, new challenges are faced. Before we know it we look up and time has just flown by without us noticing.

Now is the time to stop for a minute and figure out what is truly important, the time to start being intentional with our moments, our hours and our days.

One thing that I need to prioritize more in my life is rest. True rest. Not sitting around on the couch rest or browsing the internet rest, but time spent doing the things that give my soul space to breathe deeply, the things that, in their doing, leave me refreshed and re-energized and strengthened on the inside so that I can tackle my to do list head on and give my all to relationships. Friends, this is SO important.

I began this blog as a space to do just that: to remember, to clear my head, to think about life and what’s important. I have a small veggie garden in our tiny backyard that I try to keep up with. I find it so therapeutic and relaxing working the dirt with my hands and watching new life peek out of the dark soil, then later sharing garden fresh peas or juicy raspberries with bubs as we walk by. I love the ocean breeze that sweeps out the cobwebs in my soul. And I LOVE tea with girlfriends, whether at a coffee shop just the two of us or in our homes with little ones tugging at our pants. The heart to hearts, the “I see you”s… they always leave me feeling full.


The thing I struggle with is making time. What do you do? Do you schedule time to rest or just make sure you take some time when you can each day? Or do you, like me, sometimes go days without? What is it that makes you feel truly rested?

2 thoughts on “On Prioritizing Rest

  1. I take the time like today on a morning without work, when I have nothing booked for a few hours. I make Earl Grey tea with honey and settle ďown with my Bible and various rdgs or with pen and paper and our my heart out.
    I resonate with what you say about tea or lunch with friends. That “I see you” time is so so good. Returning to something sure that can be trusted in the whirlwind of life. I love your thoughtful blogs Emily.

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