To Remember {18 Months}


Bubs you amaze me. I love watching you learn things, new ones everyday lately it seems. Today you figured out there were tractors on your pajama pants and spent the ride home pointing at them and making car noises. Last weekend you learned how to give awkward toddler hugs to your new friend and I got all the warm fuzzies inside.

You’ve started singing… we first noticed it when we were taking a long walk with you in your stroller. It is the sweetest sound. You sometimes like to hold my hand while daddy’s pushing you in the stroller, or his if I’m carrying you. Oh. My. Heart.


It’s warmer out now but when we would go for walks in the cold we’d bundle you up only to inevitably find you’d taken off your mittens and stuffed them beside you in the stroller, one on each side. Now we can’t hardly keep your socks and shoes on, let alone a hat.

You enjoy playing with your puppy; you chase him around laughing hysterically or back yourself up to him and attempt to sit on him. He’s tough though and he loves the attention. You also like all the other puppies and bark back at them if they say hello.

You like “sweeping” and have started to put things back in their places (except of course your toys and the tupperware). You spend time placing items carefully in the spot you want them, whether in a triangle on the floor or into one container then another.


You’ll do almost anything for snacks. While camping last weekend, you walked up behind a grandmotherly lady and casually leaned against her shoulder. When she offered you a cracker you eagerly stuck your hand in the box for one. And then another and another. She swore she didn’t mind.

You make friends everywhere, walking up to them and talking or, if they’re sitting, bending down and looking up at them right in their face. You continue, bubs, to bring so much joy.

The other night while walking past a restaurant playing loud music you stopped, got all serious, then began to dance. I’m sorry child, I couldn’t help but laugh. It was awkward and it was intense and I loved every second.

You say “dada” when you wake up in the morning (or the middle of the night) and when you hear anyone walk through the door when he’s not here. You so enjoy looking at cars with him, walking around the entire vehicle, checking out license plates and patting bumpers, and you almost always carry hotwheels around.


You wave goodbye and “night night” with both hands… and occasionally lean your head against daddy’s chest for a goodnight hug.

You still fall asleep breastfeeding and in between look up at me and tell me things and smile. I’m still in awe that I get to be your mum. And these little bedtime talks I hope never stop…


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