Our Tiny Home Away from Home

I’ve always loved Volkswagen vans. To me they represent adventure and a slower simpler living. They inevitably are filled with family and friends and their happy faces make people smile.


We weren’t looking for one, but last summer we happened upon Walter. He was a rusty tintop with no interior save a run-down front bench seat and he was beautiful. We drove him all summer with intentions of one day fixing him up into a homey campervan.

Around Christmas Stephen was browsing on Craigslist, as he does, and came across an ad for a Westfalia that was in really good shape but missing an engine. Put two and two together with a few weeks of hard work from hubby and a good friend and we now have a lovely VW Camper. She’s clean and runs well (my hubby is amazing – she started up on the first try after her engine transplant!) and we couldn’t be happier!


For now she is our daily driver and place to eat or nap in on rainy days in the city (or when we’re out with a tired toddler) and we have plans to slowly work away at her making her into our home on the road.










On our larger scale to do list: recover the seats and patch up the pop top. In the meantime I’m planning on making curtains and stocking the cupboards with a kettle, mugs, and earl grey tea, and am trying to figure out how to add a few plants. What would you add? What for you makes a place home?


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