When it Seems Like a Big Deal


You know the feeling: When you’ve left something for so long and thought about it and thought about it and each time you do, it grows and becomes this thing that gets bigger and bigger in your mind. You avoid it because what’s another day and then another and by the time you get around to it or have to do it you feel like you have to say it perfectly, write it perfectly, do it perfectly. You’ve built up unrealistic expectations of yourself and of others and are bound to be disappointed. This is me today. And so instead of putting off writing until I can compose the perfect post I’m just writing, moving forward, giving myself a little grace knowing that wobbly steps in the direction you’re meant to go is better than staying still.

Anyone else in the same boat lately? What have you been putting off that you just need to do, say, begin?

2 thoughts on “When it Seems Like a Big Deal

  1. Been there a few times before. And I seem to always find myself cleaning when I know I have to do something…
    Lately my procrastination has been towards confrontation. When something has to be said about practical issues to do with the rental I live in. Things need fixing and I think I can live without them, but it’s making living here harder, and with university starting up again these things need to be addressed. All I have to do is mention it but I keep putting it off thinking I’ll be putting them out. And it’s really not even a big deal, it’s only a small issue of lighting. But I build it up and up to be a huge deal – they won’t want to hear about that, what a hassle, do I really need light in the house to study? And now so last minute with university starting Monday, I’ve left it too late. Build build build.

    This has been my procrastination issue for a few weeks now, but on Friday morning I finally realised how small of a deal it was, and how big of a deal I’d made it. Sent the text, they came out that day and now it’s all fixed.

    I am getting better at it though. A few years back I would have sat a whole semester or maybe even a year through an issue like this. Just toughing it out when I could have just said something.

    It’s so easy to push it aside or say you’ll start it later. Time and time again I find that once I make a start on something I don’t find it as hard as I thought it would be, and then I wonder why it took me so long to get to that point. Often times I’ll find myself finishing that task too. Give it a go, make a start, take a step. It will never get done if all I do is think about it. 100% telling myself this – again. Always learning.

    1. I agree a lot of the time (not always but often) it’s not as hard as you think or turns out better than you think. And cleaning!! Haha I used to do the same thing when I was in school. So proud of you by the way 😉

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