When it Seems Like a Big Deal


You know the feeling: When you’ve left something for so long and thought about it and thought about it and each time you do, it grows and becomes this thing that gets bigger and bigger in your mind. You avoid it because what’s another day and then another and by the time you get around to it or have to do it you feel like you have to say it perfectly, write it perfectly, do it perfectly. You’ve built up unrealistic expectations of yourself and of others and are bound to be disappointed. This is me today. And so instead of putting off writing until I can compose the perfect post I’m just writing, moving forward, giving myself a little grace knowing that wobbly steps in the direction you’re meant to go is better than staying still.

Anyone else in the same boat lately? What have you been putting off that you just need to do, say, begin?

The Way We Did // On Going Back to Work

YOU NEED TO KNOW: I absolutely believe there is no one way to parent. Every family is different and every child, and that’s a beautiful thing. I encourage you to parent the way you feel is right and the way you feel will work for your family at the time in which you’re at. Parenting is hard work, friends; let’s choose only to encourage each other and walk alongside each other, babies in one arm and laundry baskets in the other…


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