My One Word


2016. As I mentioned last week I’ve decided to find one word to place over this coming year and I’ve settled on:

REFINE.  It’s defined as:

  1. remove unwanted substances
  2. improve by making small changes

I love it as it speaks of small doable (although I imagine not always easy) changes, of a tweaking and retweaking of myself, my thoughts, my habits, with the intention of becoming more true to who I was made to be.

I also see it as being applied to my time and my environment, sorting out the unnecessary and the way too much, in order to make time and space for what matters most.

I have a few other resolutions, if you would call them that, things I aspire to. I’ve begun to follow along with @my_365 on instagram, taking a photo a day (I post as @thetableandtheroad), and I aim to get myself and our little family outdoors more, no matter the weather.

What about you? What is your one word or your dream or goal for 2016?



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