Between Christmas and New Year’s

Friends, it’s been awhile.  Hoping you had a peace- and joy-filled Christmas. Ours was so so restful and my heart is so full.

As the year ends I’m looking forward to a fresh start with an expectation of new adventures and good things to come. I used to write out New Years resolutions but, let’s face it, I failed at most of them only weeks (if that long) into January. And who knows that once you’ve failed it’s hard to find the motivation to dust yourself off and try it again?

A few years ago I was introduced to the idea of oneword365 by the lovely ladies at This is, in essence, choosing one word to frame or cover your upcoming year, one word to focus on and to come back to time and time again, to encourage you and to challenge you.  I’ve found this to be so much more grace filled and, although simple in concept, it has a way of filtering in and influencing many different aspects of life.

I didn’t have a word for last year but one from not so long ago was PEACE and oh how it reshaped my world. God not only used it in my life to bring peace instead of stress but also an abundance of confidence and freedom from fears.

I’m still thinking and praying about my one word for 2016 but I’ll share it with you soon. And, should you decide to join me, I’d love to hear what yours is and why you chose it.














3 thoughts on “Between Christmas and New Year’s

  1. Great idea. I’ll think on a word for my coming year. These are serious times so I’m supposing it will be a serious word. Good to hear from your blog spot. Glad your Christmas was warm and lovely. Mine was peaceful.

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