In a Year: Part Two

DSC05864>> If you missed part one of this post you can find it here. <<

With our baby’s first birthday come and gone, I’ve been reflecting on the last year and some things I’ve learned along the way…


Your relationship with your significant other will change. You’ll go into teamwork mode and just get done the things that need to get done. Also I found that as we watched each other step into our new roles as parents we had a newfound respect and admiration for each other, which in turn led to more grace and patience with each other as we worked through this parenting thing (granted patience is a choice and some days is harder than others still especially when you’re both running low on sleep).

To my brothers if you are reading this: Sorry in advance (but not that sorry). There will always be a good reason to not have sex. Keep having sex. Get creative if you need to. Schedule it if you have too. It’s fun and it’s super important for helping you stay connected. Remember that you were in love first and parents second and when the kid is all grown up and moves out it’ll be just the two of you again. Your relationship is worth prioritizing.


People will tell you that your life will change entirely once you have a baby, and it will change a lot, but if you put in a bit of effort and are flexible, it doesn’t have to look as different as you may think. You can still do many of the things you used to do. If you really enjoy something, make it a priority and figure out a way to make it work. You don’t want to be stuck in the house all the time. Enjoy your life with your little one!


Whether you leave your baby with a sitter for a night out or with family or daycare when you go back to work, he or she will super adaptable. It may take a few days but they’ll soon be fine without you, which makes you feel sad and lost and proud all at the same time. Remember that you’ll always be their mum or dad and noone can ever replace you.

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So much love. Seriously. They’re worth all the poop and spit up and night feedings. Every morning no matter how bad the night you will be happy to see them. And all the cuddles, especially as they get older because although snuggles may become fewer and further in between, when they cosy up with you because they choose to… oh my heart.

What have you learned about raising babies? And you don’t just have to have your own to learn a thing or two, raising them takes a community.

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