In a Year


My baby turned one this week. There are extended family gatherings to come, but in the meantime we celebrated just the three of us with a carrot cake cupcake topped with cream cheese icing and a diy busy board that is almost finished (I totally felt pressure to have it done for his actual birthday but, let’s face it, this year James didn’t even notice). And now that it’s past I’m thinking on the year and how our lives have changed. Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way:

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Basics of Keeping House for 30 Year Olds Who Still Don’t Have Their Stuff Together: Part Two {Dishes}

DSC06012Well I can honestly tell you that the dishes no longer pile up on our counter anywhere near as often as they used to. I didn’t come up with a fancy system or trial twenty different kinds of dish soap like I was planning to (or even two kinds for that matter) BUT I learned a few things and, more importantly, I found motivation to get the dishes done.

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On Fear and Overcoming


I’m back at work this week. It still seems surreal. But I’m so thankful that I was able to spend a whole year with my babe and that Stephen is able to look after him while I’m away. And I’m so thankful for my job.

If you asked me just three years ago if I could see myself working in a hospital setting I would have teared up and told you I couldn’t do it.

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