Hello Fall


My heart is full in the fall. I find joy in the gatherings that happen so often as it begins to cool outside and the days get shorter, ushering people indoors and into closer proximity to one another. I love talking about life one on one over hot cups of tea wrapped up in blankets on the porch swing and listening to the rain as much as I do having the house full of people where laughter and helping hands abound.

And today my little man is 11 months and my heart is brimming over with thankfulness that I get to be his mum.




Stephen worked some over the weekend so we took the morning off and celebrated the first day of fall hunting down freshly roasted coffee beans (found nearby at Pistol and Burnes) and locally brewed beer (from Four Winds) and ended the day drinking both with good friends and listening to good music. As I step out to nurse our little one back to sleep again I rock back and forth listening to the muted voices and laughter coming from the room above and I am so full.


This season I’m aiming to get a little more quiet. Not that I will be doing less necessarily, but in the midst of it all trying to remember to breathe deeply and to listen intently. And I’d love to make some new memories with friends and family. Any suggestions? What do you love to do in the fall?

6 thoughts on “Hello Fall

  1. I love family walks after dinner to help me breathe deeply and listen intently…it’s such a healthy time for us a family. Although, with it getting darker sooner, we may have to have those walks on the weekend during the day.

  2. Your little guy is just adorable! Is he your first? Cherish this time. Before you know it, you’ll be prepping for his 9th birthday party (I get to do this in January! *tears*).

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