The Beginning

watching the sun rise with a few of my favorites.

I love fresh starts: journals filled only with empty pages, New Year’s resolutions, the first day of school, second chances (and twenty-second ones), early morning walks in the crisp air… It’s the continuing on with things, especially once I’ve made mistakes, that I find difficult.

That, dear readers, is where you come in. I ask you to walk this journey with me, to hold me accountable, to encourage and inspire me when I feel like giving up. This is the beauty of community.

Please be patient with me as I start out; as I find my voice and learn how to use my computer and my camera. I’m not certain yet where we are headed but I have a dream and the best of company and I am so looking forward to the adventure!

If I haven’t met you (or even if I have) head over here to get to know me a little better then please come back and say hello (fellow bloggers feel free to include a link to your blog so we can get to know you as well)! And I would love to know: What is it that keeps you motivated to do what you do when the new wears off and what you started off so passionate about becomes just another line on your to do list? What is it that keeps you going?

14 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Hmm. Such a good question! I look forward to the answers ppl give – bc I could use some new ideas! I suppose the people God sends along encourage me to keep going and sometimes just taking some time out to get reinspired and refocussed.

    So proud of your for embarking this brave adventure 🙂

    1. Thanks! It is good to take time to step back and refocus. I’m hoping that this blog will help me do that with life so that I keep reevaluating what is important and doing that.

  2. Congratulations on your blog Emily! Motivation is something I struggle with. This can be a sign that I’m not really passionate about the project (household tasks usually fall into this category). It can also be a sign that I need a break. Writing is quite intensive and I can’t do it all day. Strangely that occasionally leads to doing those household tasks…

    1. Thanks Rose! Yes housework is definitely not a passion of mine either although I’m trying my best to make it more enjoyable because you’re right it’s so much easier when you enjoy it. And balance is hard to find but so important. Ps Guys, this lovely lady just published her first book! Take a look at

    1. What a great thing to do Emily. I will enjoy getting to know some more about you and sharing this way. Your question was, what keeps me motivated. Well I am headed into another school year after having retired a number of yrs ago. I now have my own little consulting business and God has been kind in presenting opportunities. Still plenty of time to be retired though. 🙂 I still love teaching deaf and hard of hearing students. .. no 2 students are ever the same, I get to work with parents and other professionals as well. Keeps me on my toes and kids always come up with the greatest ideas and endearing unique things about them. To challenge them in gentle encouragement somehow rubs off on me too and at the end of the day I’m tired but in that kind of tires that you know something good happened today and you were a part of it. Connie

  3. What keeps me going is thinking of the “end goal” – why I started doing the thing I do. Even if it’s far away, I’ll never get there if I stop! Doing the mundane is far less painful than knowing I’m not moving forward at all.

  4. Also, a question:
    the link where it says “head over here to get to know me a little better…” Doesn’t want to work on my computer for some reason – I’m assuming that’s the welcome page?

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