How to Keep Your Home Ready for Company: Fall Edition

DSC05850Loving this fall weather! Are you? And that lunar eclipse on Sunday evening was amazing!

As I mentioned last week one of my very favorite things about fall is that people naturally tend to gather more often, as the days are shorter and holidays abound (and in our family almost everyone’s birthdays happen within these next few months). I know there is a lot of pressure to host the perfect party (thanks, Pinterest) but, let’s be honest, most of the pressure is put on us by ourselves. I’d wager that most of our guests just want to cozy up inside and feel at home, to feel seen, feel heard, feel connected.

And so, here is my list of things that I like to have on hand for when friends or family stop by:

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Hello Fall


My heart is full in the fall. I find joy in the gatherings that happen so often as it begins to cool outside and the days get shorter, ushering people indoors and into closer proximity to one another. I love talking about life one on one over hot cups of tea wrapped up in blankets on the porch swing and listening to the rain as much as I do having the house full of people where laughter and helping hands abound.

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Basics of Keeping House for 30 Year Olds Who Still Don’t Have Their Stuff Together: the What and the Why

Guys, I need some help. I turned 30 this year and still live my life in the midst of piles of dishes, laundry, and paper clutter. And so I’ve decided to start a new series of monthly posts to ask you for advice and to ask you to hold me accountable to getting on top of this (hopefully once and for all). I’ll be researching, trialing, and writing on different problems areas around the house.

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On going back


I thought I’d be ready to go back to work after almost a year off. I love my job; it’s rewarding, it’s challenging, and I have fantastic coworkers, but I do not want to leave my babe. He’s a peaceful kid and is, for the most part, content with coming along with us wherever we go so we’ve just brought him everywhere. The result is, save leaving him for a few hours at a time at most, him and I have spent the entirety of the last ten and a half months together.

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The Beginning

watching the sun rise with a few of my favorites.

I love fresh starts: journals filled only with empty pages, New Year’s resolutions, the first day of school, second chances (and twenty-second ones), early morning walks in the crisp air… It’s the continuing on with things, especially once I’ve made mistakes, that I find difficult.

That, dear readers, is where you come in. I ask you to walk this journey with me, to hold me accountable, to encourage and inspire me when I feel like giving up. This is the beauty of community.

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