My One Word {2017}

Happy New Year friends! With each January comes grace I find, space to rest and to start anew, to let go of the mistakes and to hope again for the future. The last few years I’ve embraced the idea of choosing one word to frame the coming year instead of countless resolutions that I’d no doubt give up on two weeks in (you can find last year’s here).

As I’ve been thinking lately on life and all I have hoped for the next year for myself, for my little family and for this blog, I’ve settled on a few words that I adore and which I plan to make priorities in the coming months:

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His Safe Place

Bubs has been fighting off a little bug today the last few days and, combined with disrupted naps (or no naps) and the occasional early morning or late evening, he’s been a bit of a mumma’s boy. As I lay beside him waiting for him to fall asleep, his antsy pants movements interrupted by soft “mummy”s, my I love you’s echoed by his “I wuv you”s . .. I was reminded for these fleeting days I am his safe place. Tiring though it is some days I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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7 Tips for Getting Grown-Ups Out in the Rain


It’s not quite officially fall yet but here in Vancouver it’s definitely felt like it. The mornings are crisp, the leaves are turning colors… we’ve had a little rain but September is generally LOVELY. Then October hits and it rains. And rains. And rains. I actually love the rain, mostly from inside. It takes a bit of coaxing from Stephen to get me out in it but once I am, if I’m dressed appropriately (which I struggle with… you’d think after 31 years of Vancouver living I’d know how to dress for rain) I LOVE it. And I so want to get my kid to love being outdoors no matter what the weather.

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